What Is Implant Dentistry?

Implant dentistry is a phrase to delineate the aspect of dentistry by which implants are utilized to replace missing teeth, provide support for fixed and removable bridges, as well as dentures. At the present time it is NOT a recognized specialty in dentistry.  As such, most of the specialties in dentistry will perform implant dentistry within their modality, however, the concept that one holds out that he specializes in implant dentistry is a fallacy:  it is basically false advertising.  So, in short, any practicing dentist can say that he is an implant dentist if he places or restores implants, AS LONG AS HE IS QUALIFIED. His competency as an implant dentist will be best exemplified by the number of years he has been placing and restoring dental implants as well as the successfulness of his cases, the training and education that he received, as well as the types of implants that were placed.