3 Myths About Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety New Rochelle, NY

Dental anxiety often arises when patients feel afraid or worried about visiting their dentist's office, whether it be for a routine appointment or necessary procedure. However, even outside of organic feelings, there are a lot of myths that enhance dental anxiety. With the help of a dentist, myths can be set straight. Ready to learn more?

Myths about going to the dentist that cause dental anxiety

The following myths are pretty common in dentistry. Patients often hear myths and then believe them, which can cause dental anxiety or worse, skipping routine dentist appointments or procedures. 

The appointment will be painful

A lot of people have dental anxiety because they fear that their dental appointment will be painful, however, that is a generalization, which is far from the truth. Routine dental appointments should not cause any pain and in the event that there is any discomfort, dentists work with a number of pain management resources to help reduce pain. 

A routine appointment involves a cleaning and examination, both of which are non-invasive and gentle on the mouth. If there are any necessary procedures, the patient may experience some discomfort, which is another source for dental anxiety. However, with almost all dental procedures, a numbing agent is used to reduce any sensations. Additionally, a friend or family member can be present to help the patient feel comfortable, thus also helping to reduce dental anxiety. 

Teeth will be pulled

Another common myth that causes dental anxiety is that teeth will be pulled. It is actually very rare that teeth are pulled, which is why this myth is nowhere near the truth! The teeth are extremely durable and rooted in the mouth, which makes it nearly impossible for an extraction to be necessary. In some rare instances of severe decay or infection, a tooth may have to be extracted. Even then, with the help of a dentist, dental anxiety can be managed. Modern-day dentistry has allowed for the evolution of great anesthetics and pain management tools to relieve and manage pain. 

Cavities will be found

Cavities are pretty common, however, what is not common is that a cavity will be found every time someone visits their dentist's office. Dental anxiety can be caused when there is a fear that cavities are present. Patients may worry that aggressive treatment will be required, which can be uncomfortable. However, through good oral hygiene, most people can avoid cavities. Additionally, it is necessary to visit a dentist's office on a regular basis, despite dental anxiety. With the help of a dentist, cavities can actually be prevented, thus avoiding a need for treatment. Dentists can also help manage dental anxiety when going in for routine cleanings and examinations. 

Learn more today!

Dental anxiety is often caused by myths that do not hold truth. Questions or concerns regarding myths about dental anxiety should be addressed by a dentist's office. Inaccurate information can be debunked and dental anxiety management tools can be discussed. Reach out today to learn more or to get started!

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