Dental Implants

Few things are more upsetting to dental patients than tooth loss. Losing teeth can lead to jaw bone deterioration and other complications, so most dentists, as well as their patients, want the best option for a permanent solution. More and more people are discovering dental implants as the best choice for jawbone loss and as a tooth replacement over conventional dentures and bridges.

New Rochelle NY dentist |  dental implants | Dr Perler
There are several advantages of dental implants over traditional options or leaving the extraction area empty. As noted, the presence of a dental implant can reduce bone deterioration. This option also creates a more natural appearance, since each implant is customized for the patient and the exact placement in the mouth. Many people can’t distinguish a natural tooth from an implant. And there is no denying the difference dental implants make for the patient. With this process, there is no worry about denture slippage, and the patient feels more confident with the appearance of his or her smile.

Qualified dentists, like Dr. Perler, are equipped to evaluate your specific needs, create a treatment plan, and start the process to placing your new, almost better than the originals, teeth. If you are ready to have the smile you were born, call today for a consultation with an experienced team, led by a knowledgeable dentist today.